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Software solutions for forestry, sawmills and wood processing

PiiMega products allow the system properties of large forestry companies to be available at a cost appropriate to a small company. With this system, the customer can optimize the entire supply chain, for example from the timber order to cutting and its monitoring. In addition, the system provides comprehensive tools for planning the settings, monitoring the costs and via this to value optimization.


PiiMega Oy has designed and implemented a modern ERP system, which covers resource planning for timber purchasing, harvesting and transportation logistics together with sawmill operations and other wood processings. Our system range also includes comprehensive solutions for processing wood for energy.

In addition to forestry applications, PiiMega® implements and delivers ERP, web store and CRM systems and fully customized solutions for trade and industry. Our service selection also includes comprehensive management of a company’s ICT solutions from hardware deliveries to demanding consulting tasks.

Forestry and sawmill products are:

PiiMega® ForestPro is an application developed for managing timber purchase, harvesting and logistics.
PiiMega® TimberPro is an ERP for sawmills and wood processing plants.
PiiMega® LogPro is a real-time vehicle application for managing transportation and harvesting tasks.
PiiMega® Respa is a cloud service for scheduling and unloading incoming trucks.

Take control over the entire production chain with a modern style - open interface, new technologies and competitive prices as standard!

PiiMega® ForestPro

PiiMega® ForestPro enables fully electronic forest trading and real-time harvesting and transportation. ForestPro also allows comprehensive management of processing wood for energy.

ForestPro forest trading ENG

Documents, transactions and cutting instructions

In the ForestPro application, documents related to timber procurement can be easily created, and managing the forest ledger and payment transactions are made electronically. After closing the deal, the harvesting and cutting instructions based on GPS data are transferred directly to the forest machine. Map functions integrated into the National Land Survey system (equipped with aerial photographs, for example) make it fast and accurate to design logistics and timber transportation!

Documents, transactions and cutting instructions

PiiMega® TimberPro

PiiMega® TimberPro understands both the sawmill operations and further processing. It is a tool which, with its modules, makes the ERP processes of the sawmill and wood processing effortless, precise and modern!

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Flexible combination

In the TimberPro application all offers, contracts, sales and delivery documents as well as invoicing are made electronically. The group structure allows the same database to be used in every plant and subsidiaries of the company. Flexibly combining the different modules of the application you may build exactly the combination you need for the sawmill and/or further processing of the timber.

Flexible combination

Benefits of PiiMega® TimberPro

Savings in current assets by strict inventory management.
Length management from the raw material to the end product.
Strict monitoring of costs and value optimization of production.

Production planning and monitoring allows you to do exactly what there is a demand for, minimising costs and maximizing profits.

PiiMega® TimberPro benefits

PiiMega® LogPro

PiiMega® LogPro is a system built for harvesting and forwarding machines and timber trucks. With this product it is possible to define electronic harvesting and wood cutting instructions for the harvesting machines and receive an electronic harvesting response. With the vehicle application, it is possible to perform real-time inventory tracking. PiiMega® LogPro has the electronic data transfer active without interruptions, allowing the monitoring of the movements of the harvesting machine and vehicles.

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Transportation plans made easy

Creating transportation plans for timber trucks with PiiMega® LogPro is a breeze. Real-time two-way communication enables optimal planning of transportation. This function allows trucks to minimize unnecessary mileage and ensures optimal use of the equipment. The software also integrates seamlessly into the PiiMega reception scheduling, allowing minimizing the down hours and making the incoming timber truck scheduling more efficient.

LogPro Transpotation plans

Benefits of PiiMega® LogPro

Productivity through electronic work orders and maps.
Savings in cost by transportation planning: No extra kilometres, no empty trucks.

Cost savings and productivity with a real-time interface to the forest system.

LogPro ENG benefits

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