PiiMega Oy is a comprehensive system supplier for Kinnaskoski Oy

PiiMega Oy has signed an agreement for delivering a forest system to Kinnaskoski Oy , which has been put into production in September 2015.


PiiMega and Kinnaskoski are long-term partners. In the past, PiiMega has supplied the PiiMega® TimberPro system and now the whole is complemented by updating the forestry system PiiMega® ForestPro. Versatile and comprehensive system functions make it possible for wood to be reasonably acquired and refined. Processing of the processing can be started as early as the timber trade stage before breaking up to meet the plant's needs when using both PiiMega® ForestPro and PiiMega® TimberPro, " says Antti Miettunen, PiiMega Oy's Business Manager.


Kinnaskoski gets new scope for managing chains of production when they have PiiMega's system suite. By controlling the harvesting and transport of forest systems, the management of material flows improves, helping to contribute to the design of sawing, " says Jyri Nenonen, Managing Director of Kinnaskoski Oy.


Further information: 
PiiMega Oy: Antti Miettunen, antti.miettunen (at) piimega.fi, +358 40 5467283, www.piimega.fi  
Kinnaskoski Oy: Jyri Nenonen, jyri.nenonen (at) kinnaskoski.fi, +358 44 776 1629, www.kinnaskoski.fi


PiiMega Oy is a software company founded in 1998, one of its main activities is forest information systems. The company's turnover in 2014 was 2.8 M €. The company employs some 40 IT professionals who have long experience in software design and development and strong industry know-how.

Kinnaskoski Oy is a privately owned sawmill in Vilppula in 1971, which is a family business. The company employs 26 people, including the forest department.

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