PiiMega® TimberPro

PiiMega® TimberPro understands both the sawmill operations and further processing. It is a tool which, with its modules, makes the ERP processes of the sawmill and wood processing effortless, precise and modern!

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Flexible combination

In the TimberPro application all offers, contracts, sales and delivery documents as well as invoicing are made electronically. The group structure allows the same database to be used in every plant and subsidiaries of the company. Flexibly combining the different modules of the application you may build exactly the combination you need for the sawmill and/or further processing of the timber.

Flexible combination

Benefits of PiiMega® TimberPro

Savings in current assets by strict inventory management.
Length management from the raw material to the end product.
Strict monitoring of costs and value optimization of production.

Production planning and monitoring allows you to do exactly what there is a demand for, minimising costs and maximizing profits.

PiiMega® TimberPro benefits

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