PiiMega® TimberPro

PiiMega® TimberPro

PiiMega® TimberPro is different from general ERP systems. An essential design principle of a sawmill is a product structure which can split into as many as 80 different products (side products, core wood, surface planks, different qualities and dimensions). In addition, ERP for sawmills must be able to process different lengths and possible special characteristics of refinery, such as planing profiles and possible finishing information.

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Designed for the industry together with the customers!

PiiMega® TimberPro understands the processes of sawmilling, planing, gluing, various finishings and impregnations, and offers the right tools for them. It is a tool designed for professionals, which contains software modules that make ERP of the sawmill and wood refinery effortless, accurate and modern!

TimberPro for sawmilling and wood refinery

PiiMega® TimberPro - get rid of paperwork

Offers, contracts, sales and delivery documents and invoicing are electronic. When the entire production guidance is electronic, employees will be more efficient and there will be fewer errors given the reduced handling of paperwork. Furthermore, production data and status are visible to everyone regardless of their location. The system supports a group structure, enabling use of a common database in every production facility and subsidiary. Interfaces for most financial management softwares are available as well as for other common data transfer methods of the industry, such as PapinetWoodX in data packages or Sateko FMI in moisture control. Integration of production line equipment and side product management in the system is an everyday routine!

TimberPro - get rid of paperwork

Optimization of value, quantity and quality

PiiMega® TimberPro also enables the design of the dimensions of sawing yield and simulation, ERP and unit specific cost monitoring. Contribution margin calculation uses actual performance and cost data, when decision making can be based on facts instead of guesses or averages. PiiMega® TimberPro's ERP manages different work phases of sawmilling and refining, such as sawing, drying, sorting, finger jointing, finishing, impregnating or lamella gluing. The system acknowledges the differences in processing times of different types of products, which enables optimization of working shifts on the production lines and making more efficient use of them. PiiMega® TimberPro collects relevant production data, such as the efficiency data of working shifts, disruption data, production feedback and the materialized production with qualities and dimensions. Usage of raw materials can be aligned to produced batches, when the batch and unit specific cost is always known.

TimberPro - optimization of value, quantity and quality

Manage log and break bulk cargo inventories

With PiiMega® TimberPro you can manage log and break bulk cargo inventories. You will always know which logs you have in your inventory, and how much have you produced of each sawmill product to stock. Location in stock, value and purpose are traceable all the way. When you know the material needed for the order, you can easily check the inventory, the upcoming amount and quality of timber, and if needed, you can make an order to maintain the agreed schedule and quality.

TimberPro Manage log and break bulk cargo inventories

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