PiiMega® LogPro

PiiMega® LogPro

PiiMega® LogPro allows the real-time properties of large forestry companies to be available at a cost and accessibility appropriate to a small company.

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PiiMega® LogPro

PiiMega® LogPro is a system built for harvesting and forwarding machines and timber trucks. With this product it is possible to define electronic harvesting and wood cutting instructions for the harvesting machines and receive an electronic harvesting response. With the vehicle application, it is possible to perform real-time inventory tracking. PiiMega® LogPro has the electronic data transfer active without interruptions, allowing the monitoring of the movements of the harvesting machine and vehicles.

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Transportation plans made easy

Creating transportation plans for timber trucks with PiiMega® LogPro is a breeze. Real-time two-way communication enables optimal planning of transportation. This function allows trucks to minimize unnecessary mileage and ensures optimal use of the equipment. The software also integrates seamlessly into the PiiMega reception scheduling, allowing minimizing the down hours and making the incoming timber truck scheduling more efficient.

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Benefits of PiiMega® LogPro

Productivity through electronic work orders and maps.
Savings in cost by transportation planning: No extra kilometres, no empty trucks.

Cost savings and productivity with a real-time interface to the forest system.

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