PiiMega® LogPro

PiiMega® LogPro

The mobilie application is implemented using modern technologies for foresters and timber trucks. The applications also work in the blind areas of a mobile network, and working off-grid is no longer a problem.

PiiMega® LogPro mobile applications

PiiMega® LogPro

A software designed for harvesters, forwarders and timber trucks. It helps to pass on electric harvesting and cutting directions for motos and it receives harvesting responses in real time. The software enables following the operation of harvesters, forest machines and timber trucks, when necessary, and changing work instructions. Also the changes in inventory and stock places are presented on the mobile device's screen in real time. Naturally, the system can also be used in the blind areas of a mobile network, and the work is not dependent on the network.

LogPro forester application

Transport planning

With PiiMega® LogPro it is easy to make transportation plans for timber trucks. Real-time and two-way data transfer enables optimal design for transportations, which reduces unnecessary mileage and ensures optimal use of the machinery. Both outbound and inbound loads can be designed with the same, visual tool.

LogPro timber truck application

PiiMega® LogPro Contractor portal for harvester and transport contractors

PiiMega® LogPro Contractor portal is for harvester and transport contractors using LogPro. The service is browser-based and it works on almost every browser.

The contractor portal web service offers a whole-view of working and transporting machine operations for office personnel. It offers real-time transaction monitoring, transport and harvesting planning and driving diary monitoring. With the service, the contractor knows what their machines are doing and how the daily cashflow is generated. If needed, it is possible to make amendments to work orders, driving directions and other guidance through the portal, to facilitate effortless daily work flow.

LogPro contractor portal

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