PiiMega® ForestPro

PiiMega® ForestPro

A modular ERP solution developed for managing wood procurement, harvesting and logistics. PiiMega® ForestPro enables fully electronic wood trades, real time harvesting and transport logistics in addition to real-time monitoring of costs, volumes and profits of deliverable wood.

The system is designed to be user friendly, and it offers many features which facilitate your daily routines.

Forest Pro omnichannel

PiiMega® ForestPro

PiiMega® ForestPro enables electronic processing of wood procurement documents as well as mandatory authority reports, such as the use of forest report. The necessary documents can be printed out from the system in Swedish or English, too.

The cutting area information from Metsään.fi service for wood trading and the offers become contracts at the push of a button. PiiMega® ForestPro enables different trading types, customer specific price lists and cutting, real-time monitoring and reporting (including inventories) and a whole lot more. Ask us!

ForestPro wood shop

Harvesting and transportation

Versatile map functions facilitate planning of logging. In addition to basic maps, the property limits and aerial photos of the area are available to view. It is possible to add storage places, driving directions and specific objects which require attention. The updates to the map are also visible on mobile devices.

After wood trades and making the logging plan on the map, logging area information and other GPS-based logging and cutting directions are directly transmitted to the harvester's mobile device with steering information. The versatile map functions integrated with the National Land Survey's systems make wood procurement, logistics planning and transporting timber easy, fast and accurate!

ForestPro korjuu ja kuljetus

Energy wood and monitoring wood's origin

In addition to branches, energy wood means insufficiently long trunks and inferior quality trunks. Part of the tree crowns can be left to the forest as nutrient, but it is also justifiable to collect energy wood for efficient forestry. PiiMega® ForestPro system offers tools for collecting energy wood, chipping and transporting it.

Electricity production support will change during the first half of 2019, and full support will require traceablity of wood to its origin according to forest certification standards. PiiMega® ForestPro system includes wood origin and certification information, so it can also be successfully used in energy wood procurement and deliveries to power plants.

ForestPro procurement and delivery of energy wood

Wood-based combustibles

Wood-based fuels are the most significant source of bioenergy in Finland. Their share in heat and electricity production is ~27%. PiiMega® ForestPro manages the entire production chain of energy wood from the stump to the thermal power plant - whether the material to be processed is measured in cubic metres, tons or kWhs. Naturally, the profitability of a single batch can be also monitored in real time.

ForestPro wood based combustibles

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