PiiMega® ForkLift

PiiMega® offers two different truck softwares

PiiMega® ForkLift for managing round timber
PiiMega® ForkLift for managing packages

Financial savings achieved through improvements in productivity:
- Less errors in deliveries
- Reduction of unnecessary lifting with forklifts which reduces damaging products
- Less office work as the orders can be delivered directly from the forklift.

Forklift applications

PiiMega® ForkLift to manage round timber

An application designed to handle logs and log inventory which enables sight of the sorting pockets getting filled and preventing mixing log categories in storage.

The application can also detect work orders for sawing in the way that the application announces how much the batch in question needs for the log category in production.

ForkLift trukkisovellukset - tukki

PiiMega® ForkLift for managing packets

An application designed for production and deliveries which allows making deliveries, attaching packages to the load and unload and fill product lines.

The application takes advantage of positioning and graphical maps. The visual interface of the forklift driver shows e.g. colour coded age and urgency of the packages. Naturally, automation suggests suitable storage locations to facilitate rapid work by the forklift driver.

ForkLift truck applications - forklift truck

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