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PiiMega® Side product load management

Side product web portal has been designed for managing transport of side products from sawmilling. The service has been designed for ease of use, and its implementation doesn't require specific training.

With Side product Web portal the sawmill can direct the wood chips and other sawmill side product transportations from the mill to chosen destinations.
The service includes things needed for the transportation, such as products, quantities, measures and trucks with trailers.

PiiMega® Side product web portal can be delivered as such or a part of a complete system.

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PiiMega® Respa inbound scheduling

PiiMega® Respa software makes incoming timber truck schedules more efficient and minimizes their idle time.

The software enables creating the reception point's calendar by week with open times and breaks. It allows offering free times for carriers or gives the contractors an opportunity to make reservations themselves. With the service you receive information about the inbound material flows and detailed reports of truck arrivals and possible delays.

PiiMega® Respa can be delivered as such, or as part of a complete solution.

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PiiMega® HaaS hardware service

PiiMega® HaaS service offers a cost effective and safe option for buying hardware. The selection contains PCs truck tablets and tabletops.

-Fixed cost, deductible
-With service agreement
-Leasing time 36/48 months
-Ready installed software
-Support service (phone, email)
-Insured hardware

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PiiMega odour and taste self-test Robinson

A testing/self-monitoring solution that meets the standards and is meant for producers of carton or similar materials used for foodstuff packaging.

In addition to the trading name, the packages have contents and nutritients printed on them, possible tips on use and a marketing illustration. The colours are accepted for use in the foodstuff industry.

The most common nuisance in foodstuff packaging is an unpleasant smell. This can originate from the packaging materials, but also from printing colours or materials used in the printing process.

Acceptability in foodstuff use can be determined with the Robinson odour and taste test according to a predetermined measurement method. Chocolate is usually used as a test material, because it is sensitive to possible odour and taste changes. With the Robinson test it is possible to evaluate both odour and taste nuisances arising from packaging materials and print colours.

The PiiMega Odour and Taste self-test speeds up work significantly. The software handles sending invitations, sample randomization, result processing and reporting.

PiiMega Robinson odour and taste test

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