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ERP for forest and sawmilling industry

PiiMega Oy has helped forest companies, sawmills, planing mills, wood refineries and other companies in the most important industry in Finland to streamline their operations and improve profitability for two decades now.

Customer orientation guides our operations. We want to develop even better systems for forest and sawmilling infustries and offer new and more versatile and efficient ways to make use of wood, whether we are talking about forestry or sawmilling and refining.

PiiMega® ForestPro and PiiMega® TimberPro are a unique entity, which can manage the entire production chain all the way from the stump to the refined end product. Mobile solutions and different browser-based additional services make the life of a single contractor easy.

What we don't have ready, we can make!


The solutions we offer are production entities which include basic products and the add-on function modules. This provides an entity that meets the customer's needs best. Along with our continuous software development, the properties of our products become more versatile, and their functions increasingly meet the industry's demands.

Our special strengths are excellent customer serviec, IT and industry know-how, competitive SaaS pricing and low lifecycle pricing of products (TCO). According to our customer satisfaction survey (Q2/2018) our customers especially value our customer service, the software's ease of use and properties.

Forest inductory Omnichannel solution from PiiMega

PiiMega's solution covers wood procurement, harvesting and transport logistics along with ERP for sawmills and wood refinery.

In this system, the information follows the entire operational chain and, when necessary, wood used for a specific wood batch can be traced to its origins.

Metsäteollisuuden Omnichannel-ratkaisu

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