PiiMega® Total ERP

An ERP designed for the company's needs

PiiMega® Total ERP has been designed and implemented together with the customers, and it combines the core functions of a company. PiiMega® Total ERP contains tools for the most important operations of a company. You decide what you need.

PiiMega® Total ERP contains modules from offer calculation and production to deliveries, and acquisitions to inventory management and reporting. PiiMega® Total ERP can be customized for the customer from the needed modules.
PiiMega® Total ERP is used in house factories, direct sales organisations and construction companies, and it has been praised for being easy to use.

Advantages of PiiMega® Total ERP:

● Ease of use
● Smooth and multi-phased implementation
● Extensive integration possibilities
● Interfaces for accounting and logistics, amongst others
● Works safely in cloud, doesn't require separate hardware or server investments
● Is flexible according to the company's operations

Total ERP omnichannel

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Piimega® Total CRM helps the company managing important accounts all the way from customer acquisition to aftermarketing. All information on the customer can be found in the same place, and at the same time, it is easy and systematic to manage customers. Adding customers and contacts to the system, customer-related task management and status changes are effortless. The necessary documents (e.g. offers and pictures) can also be attached to the accounts. The system helps sending messages to customers and contains a calendar for sales, installers and offer calculators. The account management modules of Piimega® Total can be connected to e.g. an automatic calling system.

PiiMega® Total ERP - info 1

Offer calculation

Piimega® Total enables creating an easy-to-use offer template for the company. The offer template can be fully customized to the needs of the customer. The module is an excellent tool for salespeople in making offer calculations. The company can have their own offer template and the sales products can have their own product structures, which contain all the aspects needed for the offer. The salesperson only needs to collect the basic information (such as measurements), while the system calculates the price for the offer, among other things. The offer can be immediately printed for signing. Also, the necessary materials proceed to acquisition proposals in the system's next module.

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Order management

All purchase and sales orders are in the same database which can be created based on the customer's needs. For example, Piimega® Total ERP can make purchases directly from the subcontractor. The connection between orders and stock management is seamless. In Piimega® Totali it is possible to review orders with their data on a map.

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Production management: production, purchases and stock management

The entire production chain can be scheduled and syncronized with the inventory to maximise the company's production. The total management of the process and efficiency are honed to the utmost with Piimega® Total. The purchases can be received into the company's own stock or they can be routed to the customer's reception point. Production management also enables production and guidance by work phase. Packaging and load deliveries are possible from company or outsourced logistics storage. Managing titles and manufactures and determining inventory values can be easily handled in Piimega® Total.

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Installation, delivery and service related calendars are all in Piimega® Total. Installers' schedules and manufacturers' delivery times can be planned with the system and thus avoid unnecessary idle times. It is also possible to connect the invoicing permits to the installation calendar. The installers can choose their calendar from two alternatives. The salespeople have their own calendar which sends operation alerts via email based on customer status.

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Complaints and services with costs and statistics

Making and managing statistics and recording customer complaints will get easier. Reasons, costs and statistics are in the same place. With the reports from the module, the company can get an idea of continuous issues and service contract details. Compliance and service calendars with their alerts help to manage the service personnel's use of time.

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Versatile and customized reporting

PiiMega® Total ERP has versatile and extensive reporting tools. For example, titles and price lists are printable and manageable. Also offers, financial and payroll materials and inventory, purchase and installation printouts are in PiiMega® Total.

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Modules for financial management

The financial management modules of PiiMega® Total are an extension for the entire ERP, enabling sending and receiving of electronic invoices, cost monitoring, sales ledger, provision forming and producing payroll and accounting materials along with integration into the company's or accounting agency's financial management software.

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Automatic integration makes the company's processes more efficient and this frees time for building success. PiiMega has strong know-how and plenty of experience in implementing different integrations. PiiMega® Total ERP has wide integration possibilities with different systems, e.g. CRMs, accounting systems, logistic services, map-based services and automatic call centre systems.

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