Hardware deliveries and services

Hardware deliveries

PiiMega also delivers hardware according to a company's needs. We can deliver all the hardware the company needs, such as work stations, laptops and printers. We install them ready for use when required, and all the user needs to do is to sit down, change the password and start working. We also offer extensive implementation training. PiiMega's experienced professionals help and give support during use. Network devices and solutions contain firewalls, intranets and wireless networks. We build the intranets and create functional systems for the company's internal data exchange. PiiMega is an official partner of HP, and we can offer HP products cost-efficiently.

Hardware services

We have agreed on a hardware leasing service with Siemens. PiiMega Oy and Siemens have signed a hardware leasing agreement. Leasing is a good option for companies, because a lease is a deductible cost for taxation purposes. The company always receives modern and updated hardware. Advantages of leasing are dividing the costs equally during the leasing period, which makes budgeting easier. The lease contract is made based on the company's needs and the company pays rent during an agreed time for using the hardware. After the lease period has ended, the company may buy the products inexpensively, continue the agreement or return the products.

Installation and introduction services

Not everyone needs to be a blacksmith at birth. We at PiiMega offer support in installation and implementation. We can offer hardware and equipment installation and provide training. We offer services to facilitate a company's everyday rountines. We deliver the hardware and software ready for use. When our experts install the hardware, you can trust the systems to work. Each part has been installed properly and configured to work interactively. Our services do not stop at implementation, updates are also part of our offers.

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Data centre services

PiiMega offers customized data centre services. We offer both single slots for equipment as well as fully cloud-based virtual servers that are fully extendable. Customer orientation is essential in implementing our services, and we participate in the specification phase anyway and give guidance on a solution that would suit best your company's needs. We are able to take advantage of our vast cooperation network in our deliveries, which enables us to serve our customers in the best possible way. The data centre complies with the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's regulation 54/2008M on assuring first class communication networks and services. The data centre has electronic access control and 24/7 security. The telecommunication connections are doubled, which guarantees secure operation for the connections. Also, the electricity feed in the data centre is doubled and all the hardware is behind two different UPS lines. Furthermore, the centre has diesel generators to assure an electricity feed in case of long power failures.

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Cloud servers

We maintain our own cloud server system which guarantees a powerful and cost efficient server solution for our customers. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based server is the lack of initial investment, which guarantees that the costs are generated only from real usage. Furthermore, adding capacity is fast and inexpensive. We recommend using a cloud server for e.g. a large eShop system where a large capacity is only needed during big promotions. This means that you don't need to purchase expensive hardware scaled for big promotions, but you can have a smaller server and increase its capacity during promotions.

Backup services

Our offerings also include backup services. This means making an automatic backup copy over the network easily and effortlessly. Making and keeping updated backup copies from the existing computers is often a headache for a company. A backup copy of the work file ensures ongoing operations even though the computer or hard drive has broken down.

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