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Complete solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning Piimega® Total ERP and custom made ERP systems

Piimega® ERP system has been designed for the needs of your company. It collects the essential functions of your company in one place, and you get more time to build your success. The centralized control of ERP enables smooth data flow and effective availability of information in different company's functions, freeing resources for taking care of the core actions.

Piimega® ERP for businesses adapts to your company's needs. Our solutions are suitable for several industries and are in use, e.g. in house factories, direct sale organisations, accounting services and wholesale. Piimega® ERP for companies is easy to use on a browser, because it works conveniently as a cloud service. The software can also be used with a smartphone or a tablet. Using the software doesn't require separate hardware or server invesments. Piimega® ERP is able to connect to the other systems of the company and to third party services. PiiMega has strong experience in different system integrations.

High customer satisfaction is essential for PiiMega. Products and services are always designed for the customer, by listening to the customer. PiiMega has been praised by its customers for customizing the functions and for flexible service.


The solutions we offer are custom-made product entities for customers, which consist of the basic product and add-on function modules, or totally custom-made software solutions. The product package is always congifured based on the customer's wishes, which results in an entity that meets the customers needs best.

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