PiiMega® Total ERP is built for your needs! PiiMega® Total enables boosting business! The company has more time for taking care of its core business. Many industries use PiiMega® Total ERP, such as house factories, direct sales organizations, accounting services and wholesale.

PiiMega® Total is a modern ERP designed and implemented for the companies’ needs. Piimega® Total ERP contains tools for the most important functions of the company. You can choose the modules that you need. Piimega® Total ERP contains three main modules: customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and financial management.

Benefits of PiiMega® Total ERP

  • Ease of use
  • Smooth and phased implementation
  • Wide integration possibilities
  • Ready-made interfaces for e.g. e-shops and logistics.
  • PiiMega® Total works safely as a cloud service.
  • Is flexible according to the business

PiiMega® Total ERP is easily accessible on a browser, because the ERP works neatly as a cloud service. Using the software doesn't require separate hardware or server investments.PiiMega® Total ERP and PiiMega® Total CRM can also be used with a smartphone or a tablet.

High customer satisfaction is essential to PiiMega. Our products and services are designed for the customers. PiiMega has been praised by its customers for customizing the functions and for its flexible service.

The company has several references from various industries. You will find more information via the References tab.

Kuvattuna PiiMega Total kokonaisuus

Customer Relation Management (CRM):
Customer Relationship Management contains modules that make managing new contacts and current accounts fast and make sales and after marketing easier. Extensive and easily customizable settings enable managing customer contacts as you wish!

ERP contains modules from offer calculation and production to deliveries, and acquisitions to inventory management and reporting. The entire delivery and manufacturing process is under control in one system as an entity. The installation calendars, service contracts and complaint folders are the finishing touch for all the account related services, products and additional information being available in a single system. Managing the customer chain enables improving customer satisfaction.


Financial management modules complement the entire ERP and enable producing invoicing, cashier services, sales ledger along with payroll and accounting and integration into the company’s or the bookkeeper’s financial management software.


PiiMega® Total enables extensive integrations into various systems. There are ready-made interfaces available for e.g. Magento e-shop, several logistics services and the most common accounting software.

Check out The Total solution for company’s ERP brochure and PiiMega® Total solution for retail brochure.

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